The Space Program is a menswear label based in Australia. The collection is based on our love for 60s inspired menswear and classic men's tailoring. After many years of shopping around to find the perfect fitting men’s suit, we decided to create our own small collection of items that we would love to buy ourselves..if we wouldn’t wear it, we probably won't ever design it.

Based on a cold war era style, the collection takes inspiration from an idea of a warped youthful curve on Kennedy era could be soviet bureaucrats or American astronauts. At the very heart of the collection are grey suits with slim fits, cropped jackets and very skinny ties, plaid blazers with vintage inspired colours.

The collection is based on looks we love, we draw inspiration from an unashamedly masculine aesthetic of the past and give it a contemporary twist. The Space Program man is one who isn’t afraid to dress up...he could be going to a meeting or out for the night, he doesn’t iron his shirt or do his tie up...He wants to look good, but not try hard doing it.

Since we are a small start up brand, we are starting the collection on a pre-order only system. Items from the collection are designed and made by us and placed on the site for pre-order...if it gets funded we can stock it. We do this not just to save money, but also create a dialogue with the people who wear our clothes.